Embracing (and demonstrating) behaviors that prompt customers to feel like they are a priority is a unique differentiator for organizations who have mastered how to put their customers first. I recently purchased a new car and was wowed at the “customer lounge” I’ll have access to if I choose to stay on site during future – and fingers crossed, mostly routine – service appointments. Free wi-fi, comfortable couches, coffee, and candy? Don’t mind if I do!

Partnering for Success

So, what is customer first? To me it’s a mindset – a workstyle we adopt and incorporate into each of our customer interactions and professional engagements. It means thinking, speaking, and acting in a way that first considers the customer’s needs to provide a focused experience based on their goals and desired results. Organizations often demonstrate their customer-focused missions through “customer-lounge type” perks like I mentioned above and other generous benefits, but I believe it’s first and foremost an action that begins with us as individuals. After all, we are living, breathing creators of the customer experience.

Here are three quick, high-level tips for adopting a customer first mentality:

Understand your customers and think proactively

Know your customers and how they do business to better anticipate their needs and make recommendations that are truly aligned with their objectives. Did you know there’s a nationally observed day dedicated to this each quarter?

Listen actively

Don’t just hear what people say, truly pay attention and listen during conversations. Check out The Art of Active Listening for more tips on how to give customers your undivided attention!

Speak in one voice

Make sure you’ve communicated with your colleagues and know all the facts to deliver a unified experience. As Francis Vijay says in the Kronos Services: Partnering for Success video for Government, Education, and Public Safety, “…there is only one goal – that is the success of the client in implementing the solution with the best possible practice out there.”

Working customer-first provides a strong and sturdy foundation for your organization to deliver a consistent, value-based customer experience across the board.

Published: Thursday, August 31, 2017