Editor's note: Michael Clark is an HR consultant working on the Innovation team for Kronos Workforce Ready®. The team is focused on creating product adoption opportunities for customers through personalized experiences. Starting as an HR manager and then becoming an implementer of Workforce Ready, Michael has over a decade of experience in HR and an array of best practices to share with Workforce Ready customers. Read on for open enrollment tips from this HR pro! Alaina


Throughout my career helping hundreds of customers configure and use open enrollment within Kronos Workforce Ready, I have seen even the most seasoned HR pros make common missteps. Think about using information from an old benefit plan when you have a new medical plan. You’re sure to confuse the system if you’re still using old information after the new plan has been added to the benefit profile. You need to change the effective date for the old plan to ensure accurate data so there is a smooth transition from one plan to the next. 

It’s like putting AAA batteries in a TV remote that needs AA batteries. It just won’t work! 

Are You Making This common HR Mistake?


Open Enrollment Best Practices

Missteps happen more often than you’d think. Taking the shortcut doesn’t always lead to the long-term gain you’re striving to achieve. So how can you stay on the right path? What’s the best way to approach open enrollment with Workforce Ready for your organization? I put together an open enrollment best practices guide to help answer these questions and help you navigate your open enrollment season. 

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    Within the guide you’ll find: 

    • Common mistakes and how to avoid them 
    • Communication tips 
    • How to navigate open enrollment in Workforce Ready, including:
    • Updating rates in the Benefit Profiles plans 
    • Navigating the new progress bar (only available in the new experience!)
    • Using the Instructions and Directions tabs 
    • Leveraging Announcements
    • Using open enrollment reports

    You’ll also find links to additional resources, including:

    • Workforce Ready training opportunities
    • Society for Human Resource Management
    • Access to the Payroll and Tax group in Kronos Community 

    Download the guide today and get prepared for your open enrollment season!

    Published: Thursday, January 9, 2020