I’ll admit, I’ve been guilty of using the two terms as synonyms before conducting further research and realizing my mistake. While both practices do help accomplish the common fundamental goal of educating someone on the job, I recently read an article that made the difference between the two strikingly clear: Onboarding captures the bigger picture and creates a connection to the company while training is about specifics and creates a connection to the work itself.

Onboarding, Training - What's the difference?

Together, onboarding and training initiatives help new hires to better understand “the why” behind company values, policies, and standards and recognize how their work contributes to achieving their organization’s goals and objectives. It’s all falling into place!

At Kronos, we have our own defined strategy to welcome and onboard our customers as well as offer training to learn more about how our tools and solutions work. You can access webinars, discussion forums, and knowledge base articles in the Kronos Community and work with Kronos Educational Services to arrange instructor-led classes, set up education subscriptions, and discuss user adoption support.

And while we’re on the topic, Kronos Learning Bytes is one of our newest training opportunities for Workforce Central customers, and there’s a session coming up Monday, August 7th through Wednesday, August 9th! Course topics include:

  • Optimizing Navigator
  • Timecard Compliance and Optimization
  • Payrule Anatomy
  • Workforce Integration Manager

Click here to register if you’re interested or reach out to one of our Training Registrars for questions. US/Canada/LATAM  [email protected], EMEA  [email protected], APAC  [email protected]

Happy training!

Published: Tuesday, August 1, 2017