Dear Reader,

Consider these three things:

My organization is a new Workforce Dimensions customer.
I’m the person responsible for deployment, troubleshooting, back-end configuration, performance evaluation, and/or solution upkeep of my organization’s Workforce Dimensions solution.
I’m new and admittedly need a little help getting started.

If these statements describe you, then my guess is you’ll be pleased to know about the survival checklist we have for new Workforce Dimensions administrators. The resource gathers need-to-know links pointing you to resources that will help you master the solution and get up and running efficiently.  

The Next Big Thing For Workforce Dimensions Administrators

Here’s a peek at some of the topics covered in the checklist. It’s got everything but the kitchen sink, as the old saying goes:

  • Workforce Dimensions group in the Kronos Community
  • Workforce Dimensions Trust Site
  • Workforce Dimensions Product Resources page
  • Kronos KnowledgeMap online education portal
  • Release Readiness
  • Online Help
  • Searching for answers and submitting support cases in the Kronos Community
  • The Workforce Matters newsletter
  • The Working Smarter Café blog
  • KronosWorks

The Next Big Thing For Workforce Dimensions Administrators

The survival checklist is a good one to save in an easily accessible location so that you can keep coming back to it – that is until you’re familiar with all of your resources and have important ones bookmarked. The best part about the checklist is that you have so many resources at your fingertips in one place. When you need a direct link to the Trust Site resource page, pull up your checklist. If you want to access online help, pull up your checklist. When you’d like to peruse past Workforce Matters newsletters, pull up your checklist. You get the gist.

Download the full checklist here!


Published: Thursday, February 28, 2019