New Year’s resolutions might be cliché, but I still try to make one and stick to it every year. 2017 was all about eating more fruits and veggies – I’ve done quite well with the exception of November and December. So, for 2018, I hereby solemnly swear in writing on Working Smarter Café to become more “in the know” on the latest industry news and trends. I could do a much better job at being aware of what’s out there. My resolution is to spend 30 minutes every day browsing headlines and reading articles.

New Year's Resolutions

Have you decided what your New Year’s resolution will be? If you need some help, feel free to borrow the education theme from me. Below are some links to help you stay “in the know” with Kronos:

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  • The Workforce Institute: A think tank focused on empowering organizations through education and research, The Workforce Institute features podcasts and posts about helping you make positive and timely changes to employee management and engagement.
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  • Newsroom: Stay up to date on the latest innovations and news from Kronos.

Happy New Year! Here’s to keeping promises and successfully achieving goals.

Published: Tuesday, January 2, 2018