If you have logged into the Kronos Community recently, you probably noticed that something looks different. That’s because the platform got a makeover! It’s smoother, cleaner, and fresher to deliver a better user experience. 


We know. It can be scary trying new things, but we promise we did not reinvent the wheel here. We simply made it more functional. After gathering all your feedback (yes, we have been listening!), the Kronos Community team decided it was time to roll out a more intuitive user interface. 

The overall goal of updating the Kronos Community is to simplify the design and make it easier to use. For example, studies have shown that eyes are first attracted to the top left corner of a webpage, so that’s where you’ll now find your most relevant and important information on the Community homepage. Effortlessly access what you care about. No need to set out on a wild goose chase for the things you need. 

Notable enhancements:

  • The Product Resources pages – Product Resources pages aggregate links to product-specific content for Workforce Central, Workforce Dimensions, and Workforce Ready. These links pop for you with eye-catching graphics. 
  • Knowledgebase Articles – We have also improved the list of knowledgebase articles available. These articles are filtered by relevance, meaning you can see the ones most commonly or frequently viewed. On this page, you can also find member questions and answers and discussion groups to keep you up to date with what is going on with your fellow peers. 

Community Update Quick Reference Sheet

We know that feeling lost or having no idea where to find something can be frustrating and inconvenient. So, we’ve created the Community Update Quick Reference Sheet (Link soon to come) to help you navigate through the changes. Download your own copy from the Kronos Community here, or check out the graphics below!

NEW in the Kronos Community! - A Much-Anticipated Update

With these simple yet impactful design changes, we hope to satisfy all our members to ensure a better user experience. We believe that you should be able to easily access all the information and materials you need in the Kronos Community, so that’s why we treated it to this makeover. Also, remember to keep your eyes peeled, the Kronos Community team isn’t done updating just yet! Soon to come is enhanced search functionality. 

Published: Friday, June 14, 2019