I chose reading the news as my 2018 resolution, but a few years ago it was networking I set out to improve. Networking can be a challenge. If you’re someone who isn’t particularly outgoing or forward, striking up conversation at a networking night where you know few people can be somewhat daunting. “The key,” said Shana Lebowitz of Business Insider, “is finding a way to make networking work for you.

New Community Features for Enhanced Member Collaboration

But networking is more than working the crowd at a professional event. It’s using your resources to make connections in other ways too – like leveraging digital platforms online, for example. There are social media channels, but there’s also the Kronos Community. It’s the best way to meet other people who work with Kronos in the same way you do or who have similar questions about workforce management strategies. Not to mention it provides the opportunity to easily network with Kronos employees and partners as well.

New community features make it easier than ever to collaborate, connect, and engage in conversation:

  1. "People" in search – Now you can search for people based on name, title, email, etc. and then "follow" them on the Kronos Community easily. When you do a global search, "People" will be one of the available search results along with articles, discussions, topics, etc.

  2. Private messaging – Send messages to other registered community members. You can see and compose messages under "My Messages" in your profile tab and in "My Content" on the community home page.

Note: When you registered for the community, the system default displays only your Name, Title, and Nickname in “People" search results, unless you have set your “Profile Visibility” to also display phone and email to community members.

View this post in the Kronos Community by fellow Working Smarter Café blogger Leo Daley for a tutorial on how to update your profiles and edit the information that will show in “People” search results. You can comment and ask questions there as well! If you have trouble accessing the tutorial, try first logging into the Community and then clicking to follow the link. 

Published: Tuesday, January 9, 2018