According to the Digital in 2019 US report by We Are Social, 35 is the average number of mobile apps used per month on each smartphone. If you’re a Workforce Dimensions mobile user, I’m willing to bet that the Workforce Dimensions mobile app is among the 35 most used apps on your work device. And if it isn’t, then I ask, what are you waiting for? The Workforce Dimensions mobile app will only make completing your workforce management tasks that much easier. 

So, here’s what’s new. There’s a new page in the Kronos Community, and it has everything Workforce Dimensions end-users, managers, and administrators need to get up and running on the mobile app. 

The page includes links and QR codes to download the app for your iPhone or your Android as well as tips to help you get started. It’s organized by role, so it’s easy to find the information that’s relevant to you. 


Log in to the Kronos Community to check it out. It’s available directly on the Community homepage. 


How to access

All it takes is just two clicks after you’re logged in to the Community.

1. Click the Mobile Apps tile

Mobile Apps on Community


2. And select Workforce Dimensions Mobile

WFD Mobile App

How does it help me?

In simple yet still convincing terms, here’s how the mobile page will add value to your mobile experience:

  • Employee or Manager/Supervisor – If you’re an employee or manager of some kind, the mobile resources page will help you find the right support for the app and provide content to get you started using it. You’ll find a step-by-step guide with instructions to download and install your mobile app, a quick tutorial, and links to find the app in app stores.
  • Human Resources – For HR folks, the page is particularly helpful in providing the tools and tips to create a positive mobile rollout experience for your organization’s employees – like the Customer Engagement Toolkit to encourage adoption and links to access and update the employee and manager getting started guides with your organization's specific tenant URL.  
  • Administrators – Administrators will find resources to ensure a seamless deployment to end-users. Examples include links to the Workforce Dimensions Kronos Community group, Online Help, Release Notes, and Frequently Asked Questions. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Downloading the mobile app is simple, but there’s an essential piece of information users will need to access Workforce Dimensions – a company-specific tenant URL. Someone in HR or the Kronos solution admin at your company can provide the organization-specific URL. Users must enter the URL into the URL field. Then, fields for username and password will appear. Users won’t be prompted to log in until submitting the company-specific URL.

How to Access the New Workforce Dimensions Mobile Page

This list just barely scratches the surface of the value the page provides. Head to the Community and bookmark the Workforce Dimensions Mobile Resources page for safekeeping.

Published: Tuesday, August 6, 2019