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The author of today’s guest post is Carrie Arceneaux, Kronos workforce management strategist. Carrie’s consulting experience and time working within a large healthcare organization give her 14 years worth of healthcare wisdom and expertise.  


Organizations are constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency, productivity, and cost management. Tech companies everywhere are lining up to meet their demands. But implementing new technologies to improve these kinds of metrics typically means changing your processes – some that may even be decades old.

Think about your workforce management program, for example.

  • With Kronos, users can access their time, schedule, and accrual information from anywhere.

  • Managers can approve timecards and time-off requests with the touch of a button.

  • Did an employee miss a punch? No problem. She can simply edit the corrected time punch, and it’s sent for review and approval.

  • Real-time reports on overtime, attendance, and leave can be generated on-demand.

These are real examples of positive impacts that a technology can have on employees. But if leadership doesn’t support the process, how can you expect employees to embrace the change you’re trying to achieve?

End-users are often reluctant if they do not see their leaders adopting the change themselves – and rightly so. It’s a common issue across industries. Management purchases an application to gain efficiencies, but they neither understand how their actions impact the end-user nor the time it will take to see results.

My Boss Doesn’t, So Why Should I? Leading By Example To Drive Adoption

What’s Good Governance?

An effective governance structure holds leadership accountable and ensures an organization has a properly planned process for implementing decisions that best reflect its strategic goals. For a governance model to be successful, it cannot be comprised of only executive-level contributors. These decision makers are important, but so are subject matter experts, managers, and end-users who support day-to-day operations and solution growth. With good governance, you have a much higher chance of successful adoption among your employees and reaching the business goals you set out to achieve.

Kronos Governance Model Consulting

Influencing individual behavior requires strong leadership – but sometimes you need a hand with that. The Kronos Governance Model Consulting Advisory Services engagement establishes a comprehensive, accountable plan to support your organization’s Kronos investment and ensure continued ROI by identifying risks, roadblocks, and opportunities for improvement. We work strategically with your leadership and provide best-practice recommendations for enforcing an effective workforce management approach that drives employee engagement and adoption.

As part of this offering, Kronos will help to identify the key players within your organization, create a communication plan outlining the purpose of the governance committee, and provide support and oversight to ensure the structure is sustainable and effective for up to a year.  

Whether you come to us for guidance or work through refining your governance structure internally, be patient. Remember that change doesn’t happen overnight. It takes practice, support, and encouragement. It’s the quality of your adoption strategy – including your governance model – and the buy-in from your leadership team that determine how effective the change will be.

Published: Thursday, October 25, 2018