My sister and I put on our chef’s hats one night over the holiday break and made dinner for the family. Except when it came time to prepare the meal, we were shocked to find that the blog with the recipe we planned to use was suddenly down for maintenance. Impeccable timing. We should have printed the recipe. Sigh…


Everything turned out well in the end. My sister took the lead and improvised to save the day. But our minor mishap reminded me about the importance of transparency and communication.

Being surprised about scheduled maintenance on a food blog isn’t exactly doomsday, but I considered the situation in a different context. What if we were operations or IT administrators and we hadn’t known that a SaaS solution we rely on would be down for maintenance at that time? The stakes would be much higher and the consequences more severe if not given the chance to manage the internal adjustments and communications necessary to accommodate.

The moral of the story is that having solution performance, maintenance, incident, and release information readily available for customers to reference is extremely important in the SaaS world. And with Workforce Dimensions, these crucial details are right at your fingertips.

The Workforce Dimensions Trust Site Experience

The Workforce Dimensions Trust site is an easy-to-navigate dashboard displaying real-time and historical insights into your solution. Workforce Dimensions customers have their own personalized Trust Site experience available through the Kronos Community – meaning users will only see information that’s relevant to their specific Workforce Dimensions products.

Monitor Solution Availability with your Workforce Dimensions Trust Site

And to help users get started, we’ve created the Workforce Dimensions Trust Site resource page. It’s the best way to the learn the basic, need-to-know details about your Trust Site. Here’s what you’ll find:

  • Workforce Dimensions Trust Site Datasheet – Understand the value that the Trust Site provides to you and your organization.
  • Workforce Dimensions Trust Site Communications Fact Sheet – Learn about the benefits of signing up for critical communications from the Workforce Dimensions Trust Site.
  • Workforce Dimensions Trust Site Tutorial – Watch this tour to find your way around and get comfortable with the various components of your site.

Accessing Your Trust Site and Your Resources

Any Workforce Dimensions user with access to the Kronos Community can visit their organization’s Trust Site. Navigate there directly via and use your Kronos Community credentials to log in. Or, click the service status link on the right-hand side of the Workforce Dimensions Product Resources page. Access to the resource page where all your Trust Site tools live is also available on the Workforce Dimensions Product Resources page. Check it out!

Monitor Solution Availability with your Workforce Dimensions Trust Site

Published: Tuesday, January 8, 2019