I’m not a numbers person; never have been. I would much rather write a 10-page paper than try to complete one calculation. But the process of gathering data, analyzing the information, and drawing insightful conclusions from it? That’s cool. When quantitative information tells a story, I’m interested.

The ability to measure and analyze workforce data provides a clear view of what’s happening in your organization. There’s so much to discover about process, performance, and people. When managers have access to the details that create the full story, they can make fact-based decisions yielding actionable results.

Workforce Analytics

This is where Workforce Analytics comes into play. The solution helps you determine the “why” behind your workforce data – why productivity is low or why overtime costs are high, for example. And did you know that you have Analytics Ambassadors who can help you work through your questions and harness the power of your data?

Meet two of your Analytics Ambassadors on the Kronos Data Science Practice Team in the Workforce Analytics Webcast Training Series. Hosted on the Workforce Analytics YouTube playlist, the tutorials will help you learn to navigate your solution, nail down how to create and tailor reports, manage dashboards, leverage machine learning, and more.

Take a look at the webcasts that are already live:

And here’s a list featuring what’s coming:

  • Webcast 4: Basic Dashboards in Visual Insight
  • Webcast 5: Strategic Dashboards (Explore, Explain, Manage)
  • Webcast 6: Leveraging Machine Learning Through Workforce Auditor

Webcast 4 is expected to go live in June. Look for it in a post from one of your Analytics Ambassadors in the WFC Workforce Analytics group in the Kronos Community. Log in and join the conversation!

Published: Tuesday, May 29, 2018