Question: Can employees mark timecards as "unapproved" using the Kronos mobile app?

Answer: Yes, but a mobile manager must enable the action in Workforce Central 8.


Mobile gives us easy access to so much at our fingertips, and it's an amazing thing! Especially when it comes to mobile in the workplace. The convenience of performing timecard and scheduling tasks on the go just makes life easier.

Speaking of timecard tasks on mobile, are employees at your organization asking if they can mark their timecards as "unapproved" using the mobile app? The short answer for them is yes. The longer answer for mobile managers is that they have the power to make it possible by flipping one switch in Workforce Central to grant employees the capability they need. It's called Hourly Timecard Extended Actions. 

So, here's what to do in Workforce Central 8.0.10. 

  1. Navigate to Setup>System Configuration>Feature Switches
  2. Set the checkbox to TRUE

Once enabled, employees can sign-off, approve, remove approval, and remove sign-off from their hourly timecards. A feature will also become available allowing users to choose to see approved, not approved, or signed off timecards.

Friday Fact - Employees Can Unapprove Timecards

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For more detail about Hourly Timecard Extended Actions, log into the Kronos Community and see article number 000045238, Unable To See Approved Timecards in Mobile or Perform Signoff on Timecards in Mobile.

Published: Friday, April 12, 2019