Do you have employees who forget to punch out for lunch? They punch in and out each day but swinging by the clock before and after grabbing a bite to eat often escapes their memory. An honest mistake or not, the time still needs to be deducted from the employees’ hours worked because you know they took a break for lunch. 

Lunch Punch

I don’t have to tell you that manually editing your Workforce Ready system can be time-consuming; but did you know that you can set up your solution to automatically deduct a lunch period from your employees’ hours? Doing so can save you time and allows you to focus on other important tasks throughout your workday. 

Follow the instructions below to automatically deduct lunch from daily hours.

Automatically Deducting Lunch 

This feature can be configured if you head on over to Company Settings in Workforce Ready and go to the Pay Calculation Profile (Company Settings > Profiles/Policies > Pay Calculations).

  • First, click on the hamburger menu. Then, choose the Admin icon. Within Company Settings in the menu, click on Profiles/Policies, then Pay Calculations
  • In the Pay Calculation profile page, click on the pencil icon next to a profile.
Lunch punch 1
  • You will then click on the pencil icon again, and it will take you to the rules page where you can add and edit the rules. 
Lunch punch 2
  • There will be a pop-up box that displays all the pay calc. rules to choose from. You will want to first add the Identify Lunch And Breaks (v.2) rule. This allows the time that is automatically deducted for the day to be identified as a lunch.
  • Next, add the Deduct Lunch (v.4) rule. The Deduct Lunch rule allows you to define the minimum amount of time that should be deducted for lunch breaks. 
Lunch punch 3
  •  Once they are added, you can configure the rules and save the profile. 

Additional Details:

You can also define the minimum amount of time that must be worked during the day or the shift when the lunch deduction should go into effect.

There are also various other configuration options in the rule that allow you to define specific criteria as to when the lunches should be deducted. Additionally, you can specify that the lunch deduction should only occur if the Employee Did Not Punch Out For Lunch.


There you have it! An easy way to have lunch automatically deducted from your employees’ daily hours. If you have any additional questions, please make sure to reach out to Kronos experts in the Workforce Ready – TLM Kronos Community group. We are always here to help!

Published: Thursday, October 10, 2019