Updated September 2019: Some readers might recognize this article from its original debut on Working Smarter Cafe last year. Here's a fresh version updated with this year's KronosWorks information! And for those who are just seeing it for the first time, enjoy Cindy's words of wisdom!

Cindy Crump

Cindy Crump, director of payroll at TriHealth, Inc. is what we call a KronosWorks connoisseur. Her very first KronosWorks was in 2005! And she’s barely missed an event since.

Over the years, Cindy has become an expert at maximizing her time at KronosWorks and getting as much out of the experience as possible. I was fortunate enough to have the chance to chat with her, and I’m very excited to share our interview with you. First-time conference goers, especially, will benefit from Cindy's advice. So, without further ado, here are KronosWorks know-before-you-go tips from Cindy Crump – a 12+ year KronosWorks customer attendee.


What are your three favorite things about attending KronosWorks?

  1. Having the chance to network with other Kronos customers

  2. Going to the expo and speaking directly with the Kronos employees who know the ins and outs of my solution

  3. Sitting in on sessions and learning more about Kronos

What keeps a multiple-time attendee like you returning for more?

The responsibility to make sure I know what’s coming. Attending KronosWorks helps me stay fresh on new solution features and functionality. It also puts me in the same place as the people who can help me work through my concerns. A few years ago, I was seated at a table next to Aron Ain during one of the members-only breakfasts for what is now the Kronos Insiders program. TriHealth was working through some kinks with our Kronos solution at the time. Aron, along with other members of the Kronos team, did everything they could to answer my questions and let me know I was in good hands. It’s interactions like this that keep me coming back year after year. Above all else, Kronos is here to help us.

What should first-time attendees be doing in advance to get ready for the conference?

Prepare your tick-list and think about what you want to accomplish at the event! Write down the questions you have and think about how you’re going to get them answered – whether that’s networking with other customers, talking with Kronos employees in the expo area, or attending sessions. Arriving with a plan makes it easier to find the right people who can help you.

Fill in the blank in this next sentence. The first time I attended KronosWorks I wish I had known …

…how much valuable information you can get at the expo. It’s a great place to bring that tick-list of questions, find the right booth, and start conversations. I spent most of my time in sessions at my first KronosWorks. Sessions are great, but the expo is where you can get one-on-one attention. I like to strike a balance between the two.

What is your most memorable moment from the KronosWorks events you’ve attended?

The Tuesday evening special event is always a blast. Kronos puts on a fabulous conference; the best I’ve ever been to. It’s just the right mix of fact and fun. I get valuable and important information that will help me back at the office, and I have a great time. It’s always a win-win. My recommendation to newcomers is to always plan to go to the Tuesday evening event. It’s so much fun every year, whether it’s a concert or renting out an amusement park. I think people who don’t go are missing out!

Any other thoughts you’d like to share with first-time attendees?

There are never any dumb questions. Make that tick-list and work the expo. Don’t hesitate to ask anyone anything because the people are fantastic. Everyone is friendly. The Kronos employees who you see are there to help you, and all the other customers in attendance are there for the same reasons – to connect with old friends, meet new people, and learn more about Kronos.  


We look forward to seeing you at KronosWorks! For questions about the event, please email [email protected] or call 1-844-494-5265.

Published: Monday, September 16, 2019