Are you feeling stale? Out of touch? Like you’re falling behind the trends in your area of interest or industry?

It’s not a pleasant feeling. But I think it happens at certain points in a person’s career. You get comfortable in your position, time goes on, and then the next thing you know, someone’s talking about a trend that you had no idea was trending until it was old news. Hmm. It’s as if I’m speaking from experience …


Keeping up with trends, research, and thought leadership can be overwhelming with the limitlessness amount of content out there to consume. But today I share good news because there’s a new page on the Kronos website that pulls best practices, industry knowledge, and tactical tips from the Kronos Advisory Services team into one content library – the Retail, Hospitality, & Food Service Resources Page.

The Kronos Web Page Retail, Hospitality, and Food Service Folks Won’t Want to Close

Yes, Kronos Advisory Services experts are offering up their knowledge for you to glean insights from! Here are some examples of the kind of information you’ll find on the resources page:

  • Thought leadership white papers about trending topics in retail, hospitality, and food service
  • Best practice guides to help you make more strategic workforce management decisions
  • eBooks filled with valuable information and expertise
  • Blog posts on engagement opportunities and industry insights
  • Podcasts about hot topics (coming soon)

The most recently published piece featured on the page is the Workforce Management in Multiservice Organizations paper – also blogged about on Working Smarter Café here. The paper explains that taking a horizontal approach to workforce management can minimize forecasting, scheduling, and timekeeping problems for organizations that have a variety of verticals and services offerings in operation within them.

Authors Whitney Broten and David Reategui have years of past experience working for major retailers and advising Kronos customers on how to make smart decisions about their workforce management strategies. In other words, they know their stuff. And so do other authors with featured content on the resources page. You can count on them to bring you the knowledge you need to work smarter and achieve continuous value from your Kronos solution and your workforce strategy.

So, you’ll never feel stale or out of touch with the Retail, Hospitality, & Food Service Resources Page. This page is ever evolving too. As experts on the Advisory Services team produce new content, we’ll be updating what’s featured on the resource page. Bookmark it for easy access to what’s new.


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Published: Thursday, March 7, 2019