The author of today’s post is Erica Driver, Director of the Customer Insights & Advocacy team at Kronos.


For Kronos, the core of being Customer First is listening to what you – our customers – have to say. That’s why we’ve had a robust voice of the customer (VoC) program for more than a decade.

As part of our VoC program:

  • We conduct periodic relationship surveys to get a sense for how things are going overall
  • We request feedback after you make buying decisions, during and after implementations, during and after upgrades, after closing support cases, and after taking training classes
  • We have a closed-loop process in place so that low scores automatically trigger alerts; about 150 Kronites are on deck to respond to survey responses

Who are we? We are the Kronos Customer Insights & Advocacy team. The Kronites who analyze the feedback you share, find trends and themes among the information, and ensure results are routed to the right leaders within Kronos. Those leaders then use the data provided to inform changes and improvements.

We’re revamping your feedback experience

As part of the Kronos drive to become even more customer-centric, we are modifying aspects of our VoC program in a three-year initiative called VoC 2.0.

Our mantra? Ask the right questions of the right people at the right time and use the feedback to improve the customer experience for all.

There are a few changes I’d like to share with you that will impact your feedback experience for the better. As part of VoC 2.0 we are:

1. Giving customers more opportunities to provide feedback in-context.

One area of focus is capturing your feedback as close to the moment of the experience as possible. During the next few months, a new feedback option will appear in the Kronos Community. It’s a clickable icon that you will be able to use to give feedback about the Community and other more specific feedback – such as how helpful you find a knowledgebase article, for example. We will use your feedback to improve the Kronos Community experience. We are also exploring more ways for you to give product-related feedback while using your Kronos solutions.

We Hear You!

2. Restructuring our listening around the customer journey and milestones.

We are in the process of shifting from a listening approach that is oriented around Kronos functions like support, education, and professional services to one that focuses on the customer journey and milestones.

Here’s an example. Today, after you process two payroll runs with your new Kronos solution, we conduct a post-implementation survey and ask about your professional services experience. But at this milestone in your journey, we also would like to know if you feel your organization is getting value out of the investment in Kronos and how well equipped you feel to take advantage of what you purchased (e.g., software, support, training, relationship with account team, etc.).

Understanding your experience in a more holistic way will enable us to more effectively identify the highs and lows in your journey, become easier to work with all-around, and enable and motivate your engagement with Kronos.

3. A new customer feedback management platform.

We are kicking off a project to implement a new customer feedback management platform. As we begin to move our surveys over to this new platform, you’ll notice a new, clean look and feel to our surveys. We’ll be able to conduct shorter surveys that focus on asking the right questions of a more targeted audience. This new platform will also enable the Customer Insights & Advocacy team to uncover richer insights from the feedback you provide, including your comments.

Thank you for your feedback!

We consider feedback a gift, and we are truly grateful when you choose to give it. If you receive an email from Kronos Incorporated [email protected] requesting feedback, please take a few moments to share your ratings and comments.

Anyone who has questions, comments, or input about our VoC 2.0 initiative is welcome to reach out to me personally at [email protected]. I’d love to hear from you.

Published: Tuesday, April 30, 2019