We know two things to be true:

  1. Customers love hearing from other customers.
  2. There are so many expert Kronos® users flying under the radar that we can’t possibly know the number.

So we started thinking. What if we could figure out how to find you? What if we could highlight your expertise, help you learn from one another, and celebrate how awesome you are? Wouldn’t it be great to connect and recognize as many master Kronos users as possible?

The Kronos User Spotlight program is our way of discovering that customer expertise — your favorite product features, the resources you can’t live without, the advice you have to give — so that we can provide another way for those of you who regularly use Kronos in your day-to-day jobs to find common ground. 

If you’re interested in stepping into the spotlight, complete our short online interview form and provide the information we need to feature you here — like Stuart did! 

Meet Stuart Quackenbush 

Stuart Quackenbush

Name: Stuart Quackenbush
Company: North Kansas City Schools
Role: Programmer
Experience with Kronos: About 13 years
Kronos Community Name: Stuart

Stuart completed our Kronos User Spotlight interview form. Here’s what he had to share.

Product features and functionality: What Stuart is most excited about 

Being on the technical side of the Workforce Central® suite implementation, here are a few of my favorite things:

  • Biometric identification — This feature is a satisfying one. Being able to walk up to the clock and punch with minimal interaction is a valuable time saver. We’ve had it for years, and I still geek out over it. Sometimes I’ll punch in my development environment just for fun!
  • Audit features — I’m occasionally asked to figure out why a timecard or accrual is odd. I go straight to the audit trail and detail reports. Those features provide me with the information I need to figure out goofy situations that our employees and managers have accidentally created.
  • Continuous product improvement — Updates, new versions, bug fixes. These are all things that are important to the viability of an application. Kronos is on top of the ever-evolving language programming platforms, and they do a great job staying on top of current application development trends as well.
  • Stability of the environment — Having a software solution that I can count on is fantastic. I never worry about Kronos being unavailable.

Resources: What Stuart can’t live without

KronosWorks™ — We try to attend every year. I always have two goals. First, I want to learn how we can use Workforce Central better than we do now. I search for at least one thing that I can bring back to North Kansas City Schools to improve how we use the solution and continue maximizing our investment. Second, I want to learn about the future of the products — Workforce Dimensions™, Workforce Ready®, Workforce Mobile™, InTouch DX, etc. I try to stay on top of new developments to make solid, educated decisions about the future of our Kronos environment.

Kronites … hands down the best resource — Kronos employees are the best. I’ve never met an employee who did not do his or her best to help us. If they don’t know the answer, they find the right person to help. 

Tips and tricks: Advice from Stuart

My best advice is “Do not be idle.” Technology changes fast. Kronos stays up with these changes, but if you put off upgrading your environment, staying educated on the changes to your product, implementing new features, etc., you will find yourself in a much more difficult position than if you had moved forward alongside Kronos.

My second-best advice is “Ask for help.” Kronos Global Support (KGS) is awesome. If something isn’t right or you want to do something new, ask KGS. Kronos is a large investment, and KGS comes with it. See KGS as part of your team.

Just for fun: Stuart’s claims to fame

Volunteer work! I work with teenagers, which is mostly very rewarding. I have been a leader in my church’s student ministry for 15 years. I have served as both a Wednesday night activity sponsor and a Sunday morning Bible study leader. I am also a leader in the Boy Scouts. I served as the committee chair of our Cub Scout pack and Boy Scout troop for 10 years. I recently changed positions and took over as scoutmaster for the Boy Scout troop. Through both the church and Scouts, I can watch our youth grow into future leaders of our community.

Integration! Related to Kronos, I think the way we integrate with other products works extremely well. A few examples are:

  • We are importing punches from a vehicle inspection software
  • We are using clock locations to locate our IT support techs and better assign help desk tickets
  • We are using labor-level transfers to identify time worked on federally funded programs and exporting journal entry batches to our general ledger software

Thank you, Stuart, for sharing your wisdom! And special thanks for being the very first customer highlighted in a Kronos User Spotlight. 

Will you, the reader, be the next in the spotlight? I hope you’ll consider filling out our interview form so that we can highlight your expertise and help other Kronos users know you as well. 

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To follow up with Stuart, please feel free to connect with him via private message in Kronos Community. He’s known mononymously as “Stuart” and his profile picture perfectly epitomizes his last name.  

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Published: Thursday, May 21, 2020