The widespread reach of the COVID-19 pandemic has prompted businesses and organizations to think carefully about how they’re managing their people. While some can work from just about anywhere, others work in positions that require them to be physically present. As COVID-19 continues to progress, the need to properly support and manage these brave, benevolent, and hardworking people has become top of mind for organizations. This post highlights what you can do with your Kronos attestation solutions to keep your workplace as safe as possible for on-site employees.


Using Attestation to manage COVID-19

What is attestation? The term attestation refers to an official verification of something as true or authentic — and this is exactly what we mean when we talk about attestation in the context of workforce management. Kronos attestation solutions allow employees to attest that information is correct. This might involve approving or rejecting timecards and timecard changes or answering customized prompts about meal breaks, injuries on the job, health and well-being, etc. 

The possibilities for customized prompts are endless, so let me ask you this: Have you considered using your attestation solution as a tool to assist with crisis management related to COVID-19? It can help you gather important health and safety information and provide insight into your workforce as everyone adapts to life during this pandemic. 

Kronos Attestation Solutions Can Help in Times of Crisis

Attestation prompts for COVID-19

The beauty of attestation functionality is that you can pose whatever questions your organization will find helpful. Employees can provide answers via mobile device, timeclock, or the web-based tool. The mobile graphics below show three example questions to help gather information about employee behavior. 

 Attestation screenshots

Please note that the examples shown above are from the Workforce Dimensions™ suite from Kronos.

You can also use attestation to gauge employee morale using prompts like this: 

  • Would you describe your workday today as positive?
  • Are you able to manage your workload effectively?
  • Do you feel that surfaces are being cleaned properly and that conditions are as safe as possible?

Configuring attestation for your solution 

Now, let’s get into how to enable this functionality for your solutions. Capabilities include but are certainly not limited to customizing prompts, triggering follow-up questions, choosing question type or format,  generating reports — the list goes on. Check out the product resources below to learn more about using and configuring attestation, but please note that any references to configuration changes are suggestions and should be treated as guidelines only. Also, it’s important to consider in advance how the changes you make will impact your solution. Please consult your legal counsel before moving forward with any new configurations. If available for your solution, product experts highly recommend testing new configurations before using them in Production. 

Workforce Dimensions
If you’re a Workforce Dimensions customer, attestation capabilities are built right into the platform. This means you can enable them at any time if you’re not taking advantage of attestation already. Workforce Dimensions Online Help is full of great information to help you learn more about attestation. Here are a few articles that will help you get started:

Workforce Central
The Kronos Attestation Tool Kit (ATK) is a Workforce Central® suite add-on. If you’re a Workforce Central customer who doesn’t currently have the solution, you can learn more about it in the Workforce Central Attestation Tool Kit group in Kronos Community. For those who are customers, here are some tools to help you leverage what you already have:

Workforce Ready
The Kronos Workforce Ready® Attestation solution integrates with the Kronos Workforce Ready Time Keeping solution — please note that Workforce Ready Time Keeping is required to run attestation. You can download the datasheet to learn more. For those of you who already have Workforce Ready Attestation, please reference these resources to learn more about configuring the tool: 


Reporting for results

Attestation cycleYou collect all this great employee data, but then what? Run reports! Attestation reporting helps organize employee attestation activities so that managers can monitor trends and act as new ones arise. If reporting shows that most of your workforce has not experienced flu-like symptoms in the past 14 days, the response and action needed from management will be much different than if the outcome had been the opposite. Here are a few links to resources to help you with reporting.

Workforce Dimensions

Workforce Central 

  • In the product documentation, view the user guides for your version of the solution to find information about manager reports 
  • The configuration guides in the product documentation also provide general guidelines for running the various manager reports 

Workforce Ready 

  • Download the Attestation User Guide available within your Workforce Ready solution to learn how to enable and configure Attestation for your organization. If you are using the classic user experience, navigate to Our Company > Service Provider Documents. If you are using the new user experience, go to My Info > My Learning > Product Documentation.    
  • The user guide also offers steps to configure and run the following reports: Attestation Workflow Audit Report, Attestation Question Audit Report, Questions and Answers, Daily Attestation Summary, Timesheet Attestation Summary. 

Information to keep your people safe

Your Kronos attestation solution helps you adhere to labor laws and minimize compliance risk, all while keeping employees engaged — but it also offers a mechanism to gather important information that will help you keep your people safe. Remember that attestation prompts aren’t limited to breaks, timecard edits, injuries on the job, or other similar matters. If you’re already asking employees about these things, why not use attestation prompts to help with COVID-19-related questions? At times like this, we must think about making the most of what we have and recognize what we can do with the tools that are already at our fingertips.

Published: Friday, April 24, 2020