Teal PumpkinDo pumpkins have to be orange? I mean, that’s the image most of us conjure up, but there are hundreds of varieties of pumpkins in many colors, including green, white, red, and sometimes purple! Still, most of us perceive pumpkins as orange. Perception is a funny thing.

Speaking of pumpkins, did you know that Kronos was founded on October 31, 1977? Yep. A Halloween baby, and “Kronos Orange” was the primary color of our brand for 15,642 days. That was until August 28 of this year, when we unveiled the new brand identity of UKG — the new name representing the merger of Kronos and Ultimate Software. It was a highly anticipated event for those of us in thousands of UKG home offices around the world, and we weren’t disappointed. I love the new teal as our primary brand color and, as you can see on our new website, it puts on a happy face. 

For the past several weeks, my team and I have been working on applying our new brand to what’s always been called the Kronos Community — a website where 70,000 of our customers and partners collaborate, find answers, and provide ideas on how we can improve our products and services. It’s a cool place. And it looks like a pumpkin patch. Obviously, it needs its pixels painted, but that’s just one element of rebranding. What do we even call it? Ultimate Software also has a vibrant community, and it will take some time for us to bring all that technology together. We want our customers to know we will still have two support communities for a while. In addition to color, there’s new iconography, new fonts, new imagery, and a new brand promise: Our purpose is people. Well, that’s not new for us. Every day we work to answer the question “How can we improve the customer experience in our Community?”

So with our rebranding work, we’ll take the opportunity to streamline some things to improve user experience. Please let us know what you think at [email protected]. (See? The technology thing.) 

It’s Halloween weekend and a good time to give a final nod of respect to our legacy as the Kronos Community, say goodbye to orange, and say hello to a bright new future in teal for the UKG Kronos Community. 

Published: Friday, October 30, 2020