Securing a new job isn’t easy, especially when you’re a soon-to-be college grad and it’s your first go at paving your way to the real world. But one way to make the process ten times easier is to have an internship (or a co-op) under your belt.

The Internship

Internships are so important in today’s competitive realm of talent acquisition, and Kronos offers a great opportunity for aspiring young professionals to engage in interesting, challenging, and meaningful work. I found my way to Kronos the summer after my junior year at the University of New Hampshire…as an intern! I didn’t know it at the time, but this marked the beginning of my Kronos journey; and now, more than three years later, I’m still a proud Kronite.

It's been about one week on the job for this year’s group of summer interns - and they're already WorkInspired! I spoke with Kronos Community Intern, Ian Kondek, who shared that he’s eager to apply the knowledge he’s learned over the past three years to help make a difference for our customers. Ian will be heavily involved in initiatives to continue expanding and improving the Kronos Community, an online forum for customers and Kronos experts to collaborate and share tools, resources, and insights on maximizing Kronos solutions.

I’m always happy to see interns like Ian excited about their positions because interning is investing in the future. The experience provides valuable, real-world learning opportunities and the chance to build credibility within your field of interest before breaking out of the comforts of college life. And internship programs are good for businesses and organizations as well! Kronos finds great value in the fresh perspectives young professionals bring to the table and the role they play in helping to achieve innovation. The Kronos intern program continues to expand, with 100+ students working in our Greater Boston area offices as well as in other Kronos locations worldwide this summer.

So, why start your career at Kronos? Because interning here is awesome, and I speak from experience!

Published: Tuesday, June 13, 2017