“For better or for worse, people managers have the single biggest impact on an organization’s performance.” – Dave Almeda

Improving Manager Effectiveness

Feeling comfortable with your manager is such an important part of your overall workplace experience. I’ve been extremely lucky in my short career thus far with three amazing managers. Fortunately, Kronos has a manta – that everyone deserves a great manager – and it’s an important one at that.

So, what makes a great leader? How is an effective manager defined? To find out, Kronos launched a Manager Effectiveness Index (MEI), a people manager assessment program delving into the depths of management at Kronos. The result? Confirmation that management, employee engagement, performance, and retention are all linked.

Dave Almeda, Kronos Chief People Officer, shared his valuable insight into improving manager effectiveness in a Great Place To Work blog post based on the MEI effort. Here are his five steps to turning good managers into great leaders:

  1. Identify the most important behaviors for great managers at your organization.
  2. Flip the traditional performance process: Employees rate their manager.
  3. Provide managers with clear benchmarking reports to help build development plans.
  4. Include employees in the manager’s growth plans.
  5. Wash, rinse, repeat – and don’t overreact.

“One size fits one” is my favorite quote from the article. It's the honest truth. No organization or employee is the same, so what works for one might not work for another. That’s why identifying the most important behaviors for great managers at your company is such an important piece in the process.

For more, read the full article here!

Published: Thursday, September 21, 2017