It’s not football season, but I’m a huge fan year-round. Go Patriots! Whenever a team heads into the huddle, the quarterback is giving instructions about the next set of plays so that his teammates can do everything possible to get down the field, score a touchdown, and win. 


So, how exactly does football relate to our Kronos Huddle user conference series? Think about fellow attendees at the event as your teammates; and then, think about Kronos experts as the quarterbacks providing you with guidance and direction. You’re huddling up to hear about the latest product enhancements, to ask questions, and to give feedback so you can win big with your Kronos Workforce Ready solution. 

Huddle Up! The Benefits of Attending a Workforce Ready Kronos Huddle

Networking & Accessibility

During this one-day event, you’ll have the unique opportunity to network with Workforce Ready users like you and access product experts in person! Not to mention there’s no cost. Yes, attending a Kronos Huddle is free

  • Kronos Huddles are a great option for customers who might not be able to attend the larger KronosWorks event hosted in Las Vegas. 
  • Kronos Huddles bring you together with Kronos experts and other Workforce Ready users in your local area to explore and optimize your Workforce Ready experience.  
  • Networking with other Workforce Ready users is a great opportunity to exchange best practices and learn from experiences to make the most of your Workforce Ready experience. 

New User Experience Resources & Providing Feedback

With our most recent Huddles, our goals have been to provide you with up to date resources to optimize your Workforce Ready new user experience and give you the opportunity to ask questions and share feedback.

  • Connect with your peers and Kronos experts on change management best practices, such as reviewing the release readiness page.
  •  Watch a demo of the new user experience and learn tips and tricks for adopting the new Workforce Ready experience.
  • Not sure about a certain aspect of the new user experience? Already on the new user experience but looking for guidance? This is the perfect time to ask questions and give feedback. Hearing directly from you helps us deliver the best possible Workforce Ready experience.  

Don’t overlook the importance of coming together with like-minded individuals. Remember, the day is on us – including lunch!

This year, we’ve hosted Huddles in Indianapolis and the greater Boston area. But don’t worry! There’s another one around the corner. We’ll be in Dallas on June 11th! Are you close by? We’d love to see you there!  

Published: Tuesday, May 21, 2019