KronosWorks might be over, but there’s no need to be a stranger! A year is far too long to wait to see your friends again and geek out on Kronos. 

How Stay Connected After KronosWorks —  Plus 3 Information Outlets To Get the Details You Need

Maintaining Connections

So how do you stay connected? Here are a few easy ways.

  1. The Kronos Community: Keep in touch with the people you met by following them in the Kronos Community or messaging them there directly. 
  2. The KronosWorks Web App: If you forgot to write down or transfer the connections you made with other customers, you can easily log in to the web app and grab them. Attendees received an email titled Your KronosWorks Web App Login Link with a link to all your information. 
  3. Kronos Insiders: Becoming a Kronos Insider is a great way to connect with other customers and share experiences. In addition, you might even have the chance to influence the future of Kronos products and services. Kronos Insiders are customers who crave knowledge, seek out best practices, and jump at the chance to connect with like-minded peers. If this sounds like you, learn more here.
  4. Kronos Huddles: We’re hitting the road for another Kronos Huddles tour, and we’d love for you to join us! Kronos Huddles are free, one-day, local user conferences that offer you the opportunity to meet in person with other customers and gain insight from Kronos experts in a local setting. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more information within the next few months. There might be one coming to a city near you.
Kronos Huddle

Key Information Channels

There are also several ways to learn more about KronosWorks, Kronos Insiders, Kronos Huddles, and other important Kronos-related initiatives throughout the year. 

Working Smarter Café 

I’ll start with the obvious — but is there much more to say considering you’re already reading this blog post? Thank you, by the way! What I will say is that you can subscribe via the link to the right and beneath my bio for weekly email alerts if you’re a frequent Working Smarter Café visitor. Or bookmark the homepage for easy access whenever you want to drop in. 

Kronos Community

In addition to making connections, the Kronos Community is also a great place to keep up to date on all things Kronos — whether that’s product tips and tricks, key legislative updates, or past and upcoming event information. For example, check out the KronosWorks group for any post-event info that could be useful, or visit specific product groups to see what discussions are going on. Also, keep checking in for news about Kronos Huddles! Dates and registration links will be posted to a number of Kronos Community groups. 

Workforce Matters

This customer-focused newsletter brings the latest Workforce Central®, Kronos Workforce Ready, and Workforce Dimensions™ suite updates, webinars, tips and tricks, blog posts, and other key resources right to your inbox. Click here to subscribe and receive quarterly editions! Or check out back issues in the Kronos Community. 


And Most Importantly  — Thank you!

A special thank-you goes out to KronosWorks attendees, active members in the Kronos Community, Workforce Matters newsletter subscribers, Kronos Insiders, and of course, subscribers to the Working Smarter Café blog. We are grateful for you —  and not just during the Thanksgiving season when gratefulness is a trending topic! We appreciate those who engage through these outlets and keep in touch with us every day throughout the entire year. 

On behalf of all of us at the Working Smarter Café and Kronos at large, we wish our U.S. customers a very happy Thanksgiving! 

Published: Wednesday, November 27, 2019