We all want to love our jobs. Sure, enjoying your day-to-day to-dos is part of it, but so is genuinely enjoying the environment where you carry out your responsibilities. Last year, Kronos was recognized as a great place to work in The Boston Globe for the 4th year in a row. We’re consistently thought of as a choice employer, but what is it that makes Kronos so notable?

As someone who started as an intern and never really had any interest in leaving, I pin it on the great people and our WorkInspired culture. It’s full of collaboration, innovation, and inspiration, and these factors were a huge draw for me. I feel it’s truly what sets Kronos apart.

A Great Culture of Great People

Our award-winning culture reflects the time, effort, and commitment of our leadership. Just last week, Dave Almeda, Kronos Chief People Officer, was named the 2017 Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) of the Year for Innovation by HRO Today! His influence has played a guiding role in shaping Kronos into the kind of place that people want to be; one where customer-first behavior is not only practiced externally, but internally among coworkers as well.

Our CEO Aron Ain said that “If you took away all our products and all our customers tomorrow, Kronos would still be successful because of our innovative, hardworking, talented, and passionate employees,” and I believe it. If you think Kronos is a place you’d like to be, browse our more than 180 openings on Kronos Careers to check out what’s available.

Published: Tuesday, May 9, 2017