People spend ridiculous amounts of time on their phones. Did you know that US adults were predicted to spend an average of 3 hours and 35 minutes per day on mobile devices last year? I’ve recently started paying attention to the screen time reports on my phone only to learn that I’m just another statistic ...

But wait. That doesn’t necessarily mean those hours are unproductive. For many people, a portion of that screen time could be work-related. According to a 2016 report by Apperian, 58 percent of companies use apps to provide employees access to critical enterprise systems. We can only assume this percentage has grown in the last few years. And it makes sense. If that’s how people are spending their time, why not conveniently make important information available to them via mobile?

Kronos is one of those critical enterprise systems for many employees. Users can access Kronos mobile apps to punch in and out on the go; they can approve time off while dashing from meeting to meeting; and they can request vacation time from the comfort of their couch at home. As a mobile user, you know all of this. But keep reading. I do have news that could be new to you.


Mobile Resources Pages

Have you heard about our pages for mobile resources? The Kronos Community is home to mobile resources pages for Workforce Ready, Workforce Central, and Workforce Dimensions! Employee end-users, managers, and administrators can find just about everything they need on these pages to get up and running on their mobile solutions.

The main mobile resources page looks like this. Login screen visuals make it easy to identify which page corresponds to your product.

Got Mobile? Everything End-Users, Managers, and Administrators Need to Know


Employees and Managers

Employees and managers – You’ll find helpful tips to help you get started using the mobile app including:

  • Where to find the right support for your mobile app
  • Tutorials for common mobile tasks
  • Instructions to download the app


For administrators, the mobile resources pages are like self-service cheat sheets. Find the resources you need to ensure a seamless deployment for your end-users.

  • User guides and documentation
  • Service pack and release info
  • Helpful community groups

A Few Mobile Tips

Here are a few extra tidbits to get you started.

Access via direct link – Bookmark the direct links for easy access to the pages when you need them.

Access via the Kronos Community homepage – You can also get to the main mobile resources page from the Kronos Community homepage. Click the option for "Mobile Apps" under Product Resources.

Groups – Join the following groups for more product-specific mobile conversations and discussions.


Enjoy the mobile masterpieces!

Published: Tuesday, February 19, 2019