Managing your workforce isn’t an easy job, especially if you’re expanding across the globe. There are so many moving parts and important details to think about – How do you know where to start? Featured on HR Tech Outlook's CXO Insights, Kristina Lengyel, VP of Global Professional Services at Kronos describes how organizations can reach past their borders and expand into foreign markets.

Go Global

As noted in the article, four key elements contribute to building a global workforce management strategy:

1. Embrace Global Standardization

Standardization leads to strength. It provides the solid start you need to construct the right foundation for an effective and unified global workforce management strategy.

2. Target Process with High Value and High Potential

Invest time and effort in the areas that will result in the greatest value. If you’re still operating on manual processes, automated solutions for time and attendance, scheduling, and analytics could deliver tremendous benefits to your organization – especially when globally standardized!

3. Build Consensus and Create Consistency

Strategize, plan, and verify that you have the right people on board. That includes senior leadership and C-suite executives. Decision makers must be in support of what it takes to achieve global expansion.

4. Empower the Team and Plan for Change

Empower your subject matter experts to share the information each country or region needs to know about the new global strategy. Making agreements up front and clearly communicating change management initiatives will help avoid conflicts between cultures.

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Published: Thursday, September 28, 2017