Thinking about jumping into the new Workforce Ready user experience? Check out our latest webinar with Kristen Hug, HR Manager for the Gateway Region YMCA. Kristen chats with a Kronos customer success manager about the two C’s of a successful rollout – communication and collaboration. Register for the webinar here! Read on for a sneak peek of Kristen’s approach and the benefits received. 

Communication: Pop-Up Communicator as a Key Communication Outlet

After Kristen and her team chose to make the switch to the new user experience, it was apparent that they needed to come up with an effective way to communicate the news to their employees. On average, the Gateway Region YMCA has 4,500 employees, and not all of them have access to email. They do, however, interact consistently with Workforce Ready via mobile device – clocking in and out for their shifts. Kristen and team saw this as an opportunity to leverage the in-app, pop-up communicator. When clocking in, the pop-up communicator displayed a message informing employees that the YMCA would be switching to the new Workforce Ready user experience effective on February 11th, 2019. It was the perfect outlet to share information with her employees.

Gateway Region YMCA Employees Say the New Workforce Ready Experience is “A Breeze”

Collaboration: Working with Employees for Feedback

To understand her employees’ thoughts on the new user experience, Kristen created a survey to gauge employee feedback. The survey consisted of six simple questions, five were multiple-choice while one was open-ended. 

The results? Kristen received an overwhelming amount of feedback with over 500 employees filling out the survey. Half of YMCA employees say that the new user experience is a “breeze to use” while nearly the same amount believe that the new user experience is an improvement from the classic user interface. Based on this input, Kristen also learned that most of her employees access Kronos every day. She was able to determine key rollout successes and what additional training her employees might need to further flourish with the new user experience. 

Access and download a copy of Kristen’s survey from the Kronos Community.

The New Experience is a Breeze – And Other Overall Benefits: 

Since switching to the new experience, the Gateway Region YMCA has seen many new Workforce Ready benefits, including:

  • Quick Search – Employees can now quickly search to find the items they need. 
  • Mobile App – The mobile experience is consistent with what employees know from using Workforce Ready on their computers. Employees receive a consistent experience for employees no matter if they are using the app or logging in via desktop. 
  • Dashboards – Instead of having to go through rows of data in reports, Kristen and her team now pull their reports into visualizing, appealing graphs and charts and can add them to various dashboards. 

Employees need to like and know the solutions they are using daily, and at the Gateway Region YMCA, they do. To hear more about Kristen’s experience with the new UI and her employee’s feedback, click here

Published: Thursday, September 5, 2019