Question: Where do I find training for Workforce Central 8.1.3?

Answer: Kronos KnowledgePass


Where else, right? The Kronos KnowledgePass education portal provides you – managers, end-users, administrators, and IT staff – with around-the-clock access to learning content and support tools to set up, track, complete, and measure your training activities. It has tutorials, job aids, webinars, and documentation to help you and your project team succeed.

So, you’ve just upgraded to Workforce Central 8 and are looking for insight into Workforce Central 8.1.3 enhancements. KnowledgePass is where you’ll find it.

  • Log into KnowledgePass
  • Scroll to Quick Links
  • Click on Workforce Central 8.1.x Enhancements Resources

There, you’ll have release notes, a tutorial of the navigator experience, and other resources right at your fingertips. Learn the benefits of the HTML5 environment, see the consistent look and feel of Genie widgets, and understand how to access workspaces.  

Also under Quick Links is the link Migrating Flash Navigator to the HTML5 Navigator. This course is great for administrators who need insight into pre-migration tasks, the overall migration process, and details about deployment.   

But please note! If you have not yet made the move to Workforce Central 8 but are preparing for your upgrade, enroll in the course New Features Overview Training for Project Team and Administrators in the KnowledgePass Content Library before seeking out this 8.1.3 content.

For questions, please visit the KnowledgePass group in the Kronos Community. Happy learning!

Friday Fact – Where Do I Find Upgrade Training for Workforce Central 8.1.3?

Published: Friday, March 29, 2019