A little birdy told us that there is some confusion about where YOU should go to log in to your UKG system. 

When we have questions, we get on our computers or mobile devices and search the web. It's the simplest way to get answers in a world where almost anything can be found online. So, when you’re looking to log in to UKG, it makes sense that you’d come here, to the UKG website. Isn’t this where you should be? Yes and no. Let me explain why.

First, we love having you visit us at UKG.com. You’ll find lots of great information, but I must say that you won’t get your login URL here. You will, however, find more information about how to do so, such as this blog post you're reading now. 

  • Employee: If you're an employee trying to log in to UKG, please contact the UKG administrator at your organization to get your login URL. Then, be sure to bookmark it for future use! Each organization’s login URL is unique, and that's why the best resource to go to if you’re looking for it is the UKG administrator at your organization. He or she will be able to provide you with the specific process your organization follows. 
  • Administrator: If you're a system administrator trying to find your way to the UKG Kronos Community, please log in here. It's helpful to bookmark this link for future use as well!

Friday Fact – Trying to Log into your Kronos system? We can help!

Got Mobile? Even better! 

If you’re interested in logging in to the mobile app, we have created Mobile Resources pages within the UKG Kronos Community for both UKG ReadyUKG Workforce Central and UKG Dimensions.

There you can find information about your mobile solution, tips and tricks, and other helpful resources. It’s important to note that your app is designed by UKG but actually managed by your employer. Talk to your company’s IT department if you need support within your app. They are the ones who are making decisions about how you access and interact with it.

We are all about helping you to make your life a little easier because we know how precious time is! (Wink, wink.) If you have any additional questions, please let UKG experts know in the UKG Kronos Community. We are always happy to hear from you. 

Published: Friday, May 17, 2019