Question: Is Quick Time Stamp (QTS) available for Workforce Dimensions?

Answer: You bet.


I was poking around in the Kronos Community last week and came across a customer’s question about using QTS. Is it available for Workforce Dimensions, was the question? The answer is yes.

QTS, or Quick Time Stamp, allows users to punch in on a shared PC. Essentially, it’s using your desktop computer as a clock instead of the actual Kronos clock.

Scenario: Charlotte is running late. She races through the door, hurries right past the timeclock, and arrives at her desk with one minute to spare. She’s opening up the meeting link when it dawns on her that she didn’t punch in at the clock. Charlotte enters the Workforce Dimensions QTS link into the browser on her computer and punches in on time.

Friday Fact - Quick Time Stamp for Workorce Dimensions

By the way, this was me every day as a Kronos intern, but with Workforce Central at the time. Not necessarily in regards to being late, but I consistently forgot to punch in at the clock. I’d punch in on my desktop almost daily rather than walking back to the InTouch at the door. Great feature.    

As the above scenario suggests, employees can quickly access QTS by adding /quicktimestamp to the end of your organization’s solution URL. On a single screen, you can enter your name, password, start time, and end time. Depending on how your system is configured, you might also be able to attest if a particular event is true – like answering a question about a meal break, for example. 

Learn more about QTS for Workforce Dimensions in this online help entry: Quick Time Stamp.

Have a Happy Friday!

Published: Friday, April 5, 2019