Summer is the time of year for beaches, hikes, and barbeques. Which means it’s also a popular time for employees to go on vacation! A recent report from AAA shares that nearly 100 million Americans are planning family trips for this year. That’s a slight increase from last year’s numbers. 


So, what does this mean for your workforce? Well, naturally, managers will be getting time-off requests as a result. In fact, you might have already noticed an uptick in the number of requests coming in from employees. There is a way to simplify how you receive these, and it will make your life easier.  

Friday Fact: How to consolidate time-off notifications in Workforce Ready

Did you know that you can consolidate requests from an individual employee so that you are only notified once if he or she puts in requests for multiple days off?

Here’s how:

  • In your Workforce Ready solution, click on the menu button in the top left-hand corner, and then, click on the Admin square.
  • From here, click on Company Settings and find Timesheets in the drop-down menu.
  • Once in the Company Timesheet Profiles page, the top right of the page will have four options to choose from. Click on View Time Off Request Profiles.


  • Once this page has loaded, click on the pencil icon and a new profile page will pop up. 
  • Within the profile, there is a setting at the bottom of the screen in the Available Request Options to Consolidate Time Off Requests for Multiple Days.




  • When this setting is set to Yes, the system will generate one email for a multiple-day time-off request.
  • Additionally, the system will also create only one To-Do Item for the multiple-day request.

There you have it! An easy way to clean up the time-off notifications you receive from employees. If you have any additional questions, please make sure to reach out to Kronos experts in the Workforce Ready – TLM Kronos Community group. We are always happy to help!

Published: Friday, July 19, 2019