Four new Workforce Ready enhancements to make life easier during the back to school bustle School's back in session which means there’s a lot of hustle and bustle around the house. We know you’ve got your kids to think about, so we pulled four of the most valuable enhancements recently released in Workforce Ready to help make life easier. Take a look at these tips from Brad Nycz, Kronos customer success manager and former Kronos customer:


Process Multiple Payrolls

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Payroll administrators can significantly improve productivity with the multiple payroll processing feature. In the past, administrators initiated business process steps separately for each payroll. Now, they can process multiple payrolls simultaneously and initiate the payrolls in bulk. This is all made possible with one simple click, reducing the number of manual steps required for payroll processing each pay period.

Geofencing: Latitude and Longitude Settings

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Latitude and longitude settings have been added to cost centers to assist customers using mobile geofencing to monitor employee punches. This feature restricts employees from punching in when they are too far away from their work site. For example, Company A is required to set a large punch radius, and there are multiple work sites within that radius. Workforce Ready would previously process geofencing restrictions according to the physical address of Company A’s location, but this address might not accurately describe the punch site where an employee is punching in. With latitude and longitude settings listed in the cost centers, the system will now calculate the specific coordinates and use these settings rather than the physical address to restrict punching. It also allows the entire campus to be recognized by its GPS coordinates. Now, the system will identify when employees walk into a different building or when they travel to the other end of the facility.

Pay Grades Effective Dating

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Simplify compensation related tasks with effective dates for pay grades. Dates are applied when a new pay grade goes into effect, and any intermediate steps that occur afterward will have the same effective dates as the parent pay grade. And effective dates can be future-dated. When the effective date is reached, the new values are automatically associated with any related jobs, positions, or employee records. Consider doing a market study, for example. Utilizing effective dates helps put future-dated wage scale changes in place rather than scrambling to add them in at the last minute. This allows you to tie pay grades into your merit or performance cycles.

Shift Swaps Across Schedules

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With the latest release, employees can swap shifts with people scheduled to work during different time frames. For example, an employee on a first-shift schedule can cover for someone on an alternate shift. Similarly, people working three days on and four days off can either swap with people on their schedule or on a different one. Shift swapping across schedules is an exciting enhancement for employees who value self-service and flexibility, as it allows for a wider range of options for coverage when scheduling conflicts arise.


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Published: Tuesday, September 11, 2018