If you haven’t already found your way to the Kronos blogging community, it’s worth a visit. It points you where to go to get expert opinions on workforce management technologies, global trends, and factors that influence your workforce in a way that is fun and engaging.

There are five blogs tied to Kronos other than Working Smarter Café, and I’d like to give each of them a shout out for the valuable, thought-provoking content they produce.

  1. HR and payroll folks will love What Works. This blog lives on the Kronos website and shares topics, trends, and insights from Kronos thought leaders on managing people and process. If you search on Kronos.com for themes like recruiting, HCM technology, and payroll management, you might find yourself clicking on a What Works post in the results.

  2. Kronos.com is also home to Workforce Ready Partner Insider – a partner blog about Workforce Ready partnerships and the collaborative partner community. As the name suggests, content is geared toward a partner audience; but the blog features solution success stories that could be of interest to anyone looking to learn more about Workforce Ready.

  3. The Workforce Institute is a must-read for fans of survey stats and research results. The goal of the think tank is to empower organizations with practical ideas for optimizing the 21st-century workplace. Read about human capital management issues affecting both hourly and salaried employees.

  4. Your employees are your greatest asset, and they’re also your competitive advantage. Your Last Differentiator explores topics like data science, digital transformation, and workforce engagement as they relate to human capital. A quick fun fact – it’s also a book.

  5. The Branch Experience is the official Kronos for banking blog dedicated to sharing workforce management and branch services ideas for the Financial Institution retail environment. While other Kronos bloggers, myself included, feature content for a variety of industries, the Branch Experience is tailored specifically to a financial services audience.

Follow these five blogs to keep pace with Kronos and wisdom in the workplaceAnd while I have you here, thanks for reading Working Smarter Café! If you’d like to let me know how you feel about what you see from week to week, click here for a 5-question anonymous opinion poll. I’m looking to find out from those who are willing to share, how you would rate Workings Smarter Café on a 10-point scale and why, what themes you prefer to read about and see more of, and – just for fun – your favorite post so far this year. And on behalf of all of us bloggers, we appreciate you!

Published: Thursday, June 7, 2018