Five Tips to Get Ready for the Latest Release

Five Tips to Get Ready for the Latest Release of Workforce Dimensions

Tip #1. Subscribe to Trust Site Notifications. 

The Workforce Dimensions communications model (e.g., your way to stay up to date!) is dependent on you and other key contacts at your organization adopting the Kronos Trust Site. I encourage you to become acquainted with your Trust Site and sign up to receive communications if you have not done so already. Subscribing to notifications will ensure that you’re always informed about the status of your solution and that you receive important communications about each upcoming release. 

Also, it’s important to know that the Workforce Dimensions Trust Site features information that’s unique to your organization and specific to your solution status details. That’s why communications coming from this tool are so valuable — they proactively deliver critical information about your Workforce Dimensions solution right to your inbox. Sign up now or learn more

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Tip #2. Visit and Bookmark Release Readiness.

The Release Readiness resource area (note: you must be logged into Kronos Community to access) is full of content about new features and enhancements in the latest release. Here’s a sample of what you can expect to find:

  • Release highlights — Dip your toe in the water with an abbreviated version of what’s in the latest release. 
  • Release notes — Put your swim cap on and dive in for a more comprehensive exploration of the new features and enhancements. Always a critical resource at release, you’ll find screenshots, search criteria to find more information in Online Help, a complete list of all features and enhancements, and a full list of API operations and resolved issues. 
  • Release spotlights — New for this release! These video presentations walk you through the benefits of significant features so you have a clear picture of the extended value for administrators, managers, and employees. 
  • Technology Partners update — Hear from Mike May, senior director of our Workforce Dimensions Technology Partner program, about new offerings that extend your solution. How? By delivering capabilities that solve problems around unique ways to pay employees, greater insight into managing leave cases, and data-driven employee engagement tools.    

Visiting is great for tourists, so if you want to become one of the “locals,” I recommend taking it one step further and bookmarking Release Readiness. Checking in routinely will provide you with additional information, including:

  • Important dates and reminders about upcoming releases and access to Preview tenant 
  • The Preview Toolkit with early access to Release Highlights, Preview Release Notes, and Preview Training
  • Resources and content about the current release
  • Quick links to training, Trust Site, and the Workforce Dimensions Resource Center

Tip #3. Join the Workforce Dimensions Discussion Group.

The Workforce Dimensions discussion group is a great place to connect with peers and stay informed about important dates such as upcoming releases. Network with fellow customers, connect with Kronos experts, and ask questions about your solution. Also, find release information, new content, and announcements for upcoming events and webinars in the group. 

Tip #4. Get Your Brain Trained. 

Kronos KnowledgeMap™ and KnowledgeMap Live are your destinations for R6 New Feature training. You’ll find self-paced content that includes tutorials, demonstrations, job aids, and more. Simply visit KnowledgeMap, filter by Phase, and check “Success: New Features.” Please note that content is sorted by release, so you may need to advance to the next page for training content applicable to the latest release. KnowledgeMap Live subscribers can go directly into their learning portal, head to Success, then open the Workforce Dimensions New Features program. 

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Remember that features need to be enabled in order to become fully functioning in your Production tenant and applicable to all users. Workforce Dimensions is designed to give you the flexibility to turn on the features you and your organization care most about. This means you have control over when you turn them on. This approach ensures that you and your team are prepared to roll out those features across your organization when you’re ready. The New Features training modules provide you with clear instructions for how to enable these new features. Even better, most training is less than an hour! 

Tip #5. Roll Out the New Features.

Everyone needs a sidekick. Let the User Adoption Resource Center be yours with essential change management tools that spread the word about new features at your organization. Conveniently, it’s included in your KnowledgeMap Live subscription. Click New Features Alert to find New Features Announcement Templates and Job Aids. You don’t need to go it alone when you have the User Adoption Resource Center by your side. Download what you need and share internally using your preferred communication methods. 

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So, to sum up my advice to you:

  1. Subscribe to Trust Site notifications
  2. Bookmark the Release Readiness resource area in Kronos Community
  3. Join the Workforce Dimensions group in Kronos Community
  4. Take advantage of New Feature training in Kronos KnowledgeMap and Kronos KnowledgeMap Live
  5. Capitalize on the tools available to you in the User Adoption Resource Center

Doing these five things will help ensure that you’re prepared for each new Workforce Dimensions release. 

Published: Tuesday, March 10, 2020