Working from home on a Friday means I get quite a bit accomplished before 9AM. Some of that includes reading – blogs, articles, and whitepapers that on other days get pushed into the “I’ll read that later” bucket. The first was Customers 2020, a study “designed to reveal the customer experience industry of the future.” After reading it, I discovered it was written in 2013… It's a little dated, but the report still offers insights relevant today. Some highlights for me of what Walker predicted:

  • Communication channels shifting from eMail and phone to communities and social media (see graphic)

“More companies are beginning to understand the importance and value of initiating ways for customers to network and learn from each other. Customer councils, user communities, discussion forums, and user groups offer opportunities for customers to interact and share best practices with each other; solving problems before they occur.” - Customers 2020

  • Insight selling - Telling customers something they don't know - Our Industry team is helping to uncover and craft those insights.

Finding Meaning Friday

The second piece was in this morning’s [email protected] “Weekend Edition.” The article that pulled me in was Why Finding Meaning — Not Happiness — Is What Really Matters. It’s an interview/podcast with Author Emily Esfahani Smith about her new book, The Power of Meaning: Crafting a Life That Matters. Happiness and meaning have been themes of interest to me for a while now, so I jumped in. Speaking of themes, Ms Esfahani Smith found four that she believes are the "building blocks of a meaningful life:" having a sense of belonging, purpose, storytelling and transcendence. Talking about the sense of belonging, she says, “Human beings have a need to belong. This means that we need to be in relationships or part of communities where we feel valued for who we are intrinsically, not just because we adopt a certain label.”

There it is again… “Communities.”

Very often the "key insights" described in the Walker report come from our customers. The Kronos community is an ideal forum for members (customers, partners, Kronites) to share them. As of right now, there are 25,154 customer and partner members in the Kronos Community. They’re asking and answering questions, suggesting literally thousands of product ideas, and networking and collaborating in industry, product, and other special interest groups.

I’m grateful to them all. They’re providing meaning and happiness on a Friday.

Published: Friday, May 26, 2017