Accessing information about your Kronos solution is a key part of your success as a customer. Often times, that can mean you have your head buried in a comprehensive user guide. Product user guides are great. But scrolling through 200 pages of instructions isn’t what most people call fun. Have you ever wished you could bypass the lengthy read when trying to figure out how to configure and/or use a new feature of your product? You can! And the alternative solution is the Kronos Community. 

Find Everything Alright?

Many customers know the Community as a place to log support cases, but it's so much more than that. It's packed with tons of great resources available to help educate you on your solution. The great news is that each of those helpful resources is much easier to find now that the new Community search functionality is live and ready for use!

The new search allows you to choose filters and refine your results to a more digestible and relevant list. The new search can also pull in content such as quick, self-paced training courses in Kronos KnowledgePass or Kronos KnowledgeMap as well as glossaries or simple one-page instructions in Online Help. Wrapped up into one sentence, the information within the Community is easier to find than ever before.

Check out our latest video to get up to speed quickly on how to start using the new search.

Or check out our in-depth knowledgebase article "What are the Best Practices for Searching on Community."  

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Stay up to date on what's trending

If you are interested in keeping up with hot topics, monitor what all your peers are searching for in the Kronos Community. I recommend frequently visiting the Product Resources pages. For example, let’s say you are a Workforce Central customer. Click on the “Product Resources & Cases” tab in the Community and choose Workforce Central. 

Right off the bat, we show you the most searched for articles that are trending in real-time. 

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Jump over to the next tab for “Questions & Answers” and then sort by Top Posts to be a part of the latest conversations on the rise. 

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Click over to the Groups tab if you’d like to get in touch with peers that have similar interests and talk about what’s trending.

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Speaking from experience

I started my journey with Kronos as a customer back on September 19th, 2014. Between then and the launch of the Kronos Community in October of 2016, I received help from countless fellow Kronos customers and Kronos employees. I was able to use what they taught me about my Kronos products and get the most out of the technology for my employer. Above all, I enjoyed paying the kindness shown to me forward to other Kronos customers. After 7,472 responses to your questions as a customer and almost 600 as a Kronos employee so far, I can say with certainty that the Kronos Community is a fantastic place to connect with peers and continue to grow Kronos expertise. I’m blessed to now be a part of the dedicated Kronos Community team who strives to constantly improve the Kronos Community every day and enhance what it has to offer. 


Head to the Kronos Community to try out the new search and find out what product information is trending!

Published: Thursday, September 12, 2019