Getting the information you need is sometimes easier said than done — which is why asking questions can be so vital to your success. That being said, do you ever feel like you’re not sure what to ask because there’s so much to learn?

Enter the FAQ Rundown, where I’ll feature questions asked by Workforce Dimensions customers to help you start to navigate the wealth of information available to you. Check out the first round of questions and answers below. 


Is there any specific functionality (reports, views, etc.) that could assist with ACA management, if the ACA Management module is not purchased with a Workforce Dimensions HCM solution? 

Yes. The full time-part time analyst report with Workforce Dimensions Timekeeping can assist with this. 

Is it possible for multiple employees at an organization to sign up for Trust Site communications to ensure that notifications from the Trust Site are sent to the appropriate user? 

Yes, however, the email used to receive Trust Site communications would need to be tied to a Kronos Community user account. Your organization should decide who the key people are who need to know about incidents, maintenance, and announcements. Another option we would suggest is creating a shared mailbox and signing up for communications with this one designated email address. Communications would be sent to this shared inbox and could be distributed to the necessary parties.

Does Workforce Dimensions Mobile work on iOS 13 that was just released?

Yes. You can expect that the Workforce Dimensions mobile app will always support the latest release from Android and iOS.

Is it possible to add a company logo to the main screen of Workforce Dimensions?

Yes. This is an easy one. Simply head to the branding section of your solution to add your company's logo. 

Is it possible to make a suggestion for new features or products you would like to see within Workforce Dimensions? 

Yes! You have the ability to make suggestions right within the Kronos Community. Simply log in and select the Ideas tab. Here, you can post your ideas or vote for other ideas.


Is there something you would like to ask? Head to the Workforce Dimensions Group in the Kronos Community to share your question. 

For additional Workforce Dimensions Resources, take a peek at the Product Resources page in the Kronos Community as well as free, self-paced learning with Kronos KnowledgeMap.

Published: Monday, October 14, 2019