The content in this blog post and guide is courtesy of Brad Nycz, manager of customer success and former Kronos customer. Enjoy! — Amanda


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many of us to take a step back and reevaluate. We’ve had to learn how to operate in a new normal and adjust to changing employee needs. Considering the health emergency upon us, you can imagine why benefits plans might be top of mind for employees. Will you add or remove certain benefit offerings as the year progresses to ensure that employees are healthy and safe? To plan ahead, consider taking a look at the latest trends outlined in our Evaluating Your 2020 Benefits guide, created just for you! 

Evaluating Your 2020 Benefits in Workforce Ready


What’s in the guide, and why should you download it? 

The Evaluating Your 2020 Benefits guide breaks down the Society for Human Resource Management’s top six benefits trends of 2020 and explains how each trend applies to what’s happening in our new normal. The guide also teaches you how to properly leverage your Kronos Workforce Ready® solution to keep up with each trend, and it highlights Workforce Ready-specific resources for more information:
•    My Learning
•    The Open Enrollment Guide 
•    The Kronos Community COVID-19 Group 
•    The Kronos Community COVID-19 Resource Page 
•    The Workforce Ready Release Readiness Page 

Interested? Click here to download. 

Published: Wednesday, April 29, 2020