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The internet is moving toward open web standards, which means no more managing plugins like Java or Flash. At one point in time, Java and Flash made dynamic webpages and creative content delivery possible. They have laid down the foundation for the technologies we use today; but as we enter a new era where data security, interoperability, and mobile are critical factors, the capabilities and user experience of HTML5 have positioned it as the new preferred standard in the industry.

Entering the Flash-free future: How Kronos customers can learn more

We’ve all heard that the countdown is underway. Adobe has announced that it will stop updating and distributing the Flash Player at the end of 2020. Many of the major browsers today – including Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer — have already started shifting away from Flash and migrating to HTML5. For the most part, you probably haven’t noticed when HTML5 is powering your experience instead of Flash. Technology providers have made the process as seamless as possible.

So, what does the Flash-Free future mean for Kronos customers? Whether you’re considering upgrading your Workforce Central solution or thinking about migrating to Workforce Dimensions, we’re here to support you along whichever journey you choose to pursue.

We’ve got you covered with a variety of resources:

Webinars - Upgrade or migrate, which path is right for you?

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  • Everything about Workforce Central and Flash knowledge article. Please note, that you must be logged in to view.

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Published: Friday, September 21, 2018