An organization or business is like a Jenga tower. I found my mind wandering in this direction over a cup of tea this morning.

My logic…The structure is balanced and sturdy when all the right supporting blocks are in place, but it’s pretty rickety when those pieces are missing. Many “blocks” work together to keep organizations on the path to success, and one that often flies under the radar is employee engagement.

A recent Kronos press release revealed financial services as an industry with this theoretical “Jenga block” slightly out of place. According to a study conducted in partnership with Future Workplace, flexibility, philanthropy, meaningful work, transparency, and innovation are crucial when it comes to gaining, engaging, and retaining talent. After all, 73 percent of employees say it’s important for them to see what a company stands for before joining, and 52 percent want to work for a company with a strong philanthropic mission (per the study).

Dan Schawbel, Research Director at Future Workplace, describes four ways financial services companies can tackle this issue head on and compete for top talent in the most recent post on the Workforce Institute at Kronos.  Here’s a sneak peek of the article:

  1. Become more transparent
  2. Provide more flexibility
  3. Make philanthropy a priority
  4. Innovate

All in all, it’s important not to overlook the elements that play a role in shaping your overall corporate environment, because doing so ultimately affects the people who want to work for you. Kronos can help you keep all your supporting Jenga blocks securely in place to maintain a strong, sturdy structure while your tower continues to evolve with the industry.

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Engage your employees; it keeps you grounded

Published: Thursday, May 18, 2017