Empower through educationAt Kronos, our customer first culture drives the decisions we make at every level. It’s the guiding philosophy for everything that we do – from recommending the right workforce management solution to providing the tools and resources you need to empower your system users to become system experts.

That’s where the Educational Services team comes in. I’ve met several of our trainers and user adoption consultants, and they are some of my favorite people at Kronos. Helping you take full advantage of your solution for maximum ROI through delivering the right training to the right employees is what they do best.

So why might you care about Educational Services? Other than the fact that the team is phenomenal to work with, here’s a brief breakdown of the value your Educational Services provide to you:

  • Accelerate adoption: Resistance is the result of inexperience and unawareness. Change isn’t easy – especially if people don’t fully understand why it’s happening. User adoption consultants partner with you to develop a comprehensive change strategy and ensure efficient, effective, and productive user acceptance.
  • Learn your way: Certified instructors deliver public and private training courses both in person and online. Select live, online public trainings in Kronos Virtual Classrooms (KVC) or choose the private route to experience tailored training content unique to your solution features or business processes. And if handling training in-house is more your style, you can leverage Educational Services to help train your trainers with the knowledge necessary to educate your users internally.
  • Anytime, anywhere access to education: KnowledgePass empowers employees to work smarter with 24/7 access to online training and reference materials. KnowledgePass resources help you prepare your project team for implementation, train end-users, onboard new hires, and refresh employees’ skills. You can even grant users access to KnowledgePass content through your own learning management system to maintain a one-stop-shop for job-related training.

It’s all about achieving ROI – otherwise why invest in new technology? And Educational Services can help you get there faster with your Kronos solution. To read more about the value of your Educational Services, download the Educational Services Brochure for Workforce Central.

Published: Thursday, February 8, 2018