Once upon a time …

It was a crisp, sunny day in December when the Workforce Ready team issued its latest software release. Users far and wide were excited to hear about this latest development. Buzz about an article published to the Kronos website was the talk of the town. Brad Nycz, customer success manager and former Kronos customer, had shared real-life examples about how eight of the most meaningful enhancements in the release will impact Workforce Ready users.

It went something like this.


Eight Meaningful Workforce Ready Enhancements – Short Story Edition
Geofencing: Distance Override for Cost Centers

Timmy, a facilities employee for a large conference center, arrives at work for his shift. He checked his email before getting to work, so he knows that his first order of business is taking care of a mishap with the latte machine at the north café. He enters the building at the north entrance near the café and takes out his mobile device to punch in. Punching in and out used to be based on the physical address of the conference center, which is actually at the south end of the campus – roughly a ten-minute walk from the north café. He’s glad he can punch in here rather than going to the south wing first and then walking back to the north café. He saves so much time this way.

Who will find it useful: HR professionals, Supervisors, Admins, Operations

Where to learn more: TLM Release Notes for December

Employee Filter Added to MCC Reports

Sam is a supervisor at a department store. She manages footwear – typically the busiest area of the store on the weekends. During these high traffic hours, she often borrows a few employees who work in the children’s clothing department to help pick up the slack. She used to be limited to viewing hours worked and approving time only for the employees that report directly to her. The new filter added to managed cost center reports allows Sam greater visibility into everyone who works in her department; even the associates children’s clothing graciously lets her borrow.

Who will find it useful: HR professionals, Supervisors, Operations

Where to learn more: TLM Release Notes for December

E-Verify: Driver’s License Field Added

Clara is an HR business partner who is tasked with making sure her organization’s hiring process remains compliant with recruiting regulations. She uses the E-Verify Workforce Ready add-on as a tool to help. She’s so happy that she can now use driver’s license as a form of identification for new hires. You’d be surprised how often people have trouble finding their IDs.

Who will find it useful: HR Professionals

Where to learn more: HR Release Notes for December, E-Verfiy Overview

Rates: Effective Date Added to Rate Table

Jeffery works in HR at his organization and oversees adjusting pay rates in Workforce Ready when changes are necessary. He’s working on setting up a group of sales new hires in the system. Their pay rate is tricky because it will change in three weeks once their onboarding period is finished and commission kicks in. Thank goodness for the new “effective date” capability added in the latest Workforce Ready release. Jeffery has been waiting for something like this. He no longer must remember to manually stop the initial rate. He can set the current pay rate to end after three weeks when the new commission rate takes effect.

Who will find it useful: HR professionals, Operations

Where to learn more: TLM Release Notes for December

Workflows: Bypass if Missing Approver to Work with Split/Join Steps

Suzie is taking a trip to Hawaii with her family. She’s really looking forward to unplugging and recharging while she’s out. In the past, she felt obligated to keep her phone or laptop nearby to approve employee timecards. She doesn’t like being the cause of a stalled process. But luckily, the new workflows enhancement to Workforce Ready allows the process to simply bypass her during this time and move the “to do” item on to the next approver. She leans back in her beach chair with a Pina Colada knowing that her employees are in good hands.

Who will find it useful: Supervisors

Where to learn more: TLM Release Notes for December

Workflows: Collect Note Step Available for Mobile Experience

Elenor, a store manager, is surprised to see Greg looking flustered as he approaches her from across the floor. He tells her he’s just received a call from the elementary school; his ten-year-old son fell out of a tree during recess. He’s been transported to the hospital with a broken leg and a broken wrist. Yes, of course! Take care of your son. Elenor says in response to Greg’s plea to punch out early. Greg scurries off, and Elenor turns to head back to her office so that she can note “unexpected family emergency” on Greg’s timecard as the reason for him leaving early. Then she remembers she can take care of this right here on her mobile device, thanks to a workflow enhancement rolled out in the latest Workforce Ready release.  

Who will find it useful: Supervisors

Where to learn more: TLM Release Notes for December

Cost Centers: Move Cost Center Option

Quinn has one final box to check off on her priority To-Do list. The bakery company she works for has decided that the cookie department should now report directly to the cupcake department – again. She just moved the cookie department to its own cost center six months ago. It was quite time-consuming too since the move cost center button was removed from Workforce Ready. There’s only 30 minutes left in the work day, so she considers tackling the task tomorrow. But, wait. The move cost center button in Workforce Ready is back by popular demand, and that makes the task much more streamlined and straightforward. She won’t need to rebuild the cost center. She can simply use the button to move it and maintain all the attributes. Quinn gets to work and checks the item off her list with 5 minutes to spare.

Who will find it useful: Administrators

Where to learn more: TLM Release Notes for December

Compensation: New Compensation Capabilities

Nolan is feeling great. A team of shipping clerks have consistently exceeded their quota by 30 percent for the past three months, and they will each receive a $200 bonus. Sure, he’s happy for them; but what he’s really thrilled about is that he can track this compensation addition. Ever since the company started offering the shipping quota bonus program, he's struggled with finding a way to measure it.  Now, it’s easy for him to pull comprehensive compensation reports. He leans back and smiles. It’s a good day.

Who will find it useful: HR professionals

Where to learn more: HR Release Notes for December



  • 24/7 access to release notes and user guides is available within the Workforce Ready solution. Go to Our Company>Download Documents>Service Provider Documents.
  • The Workforce Ready Announcements group in the Kronos Community is a great resource for staying up to date on published release notes and future release dates.
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  • The on-demand What’s New What’s Next In Workforce Ready webinar reviews recent enhancements in greater detail.

The end.


Published: Friday, February 1, 2019