Don't Wing It; Test Plan It!“I’ll just wing it,” said every one of us about something we should definitely not wing.

Plan, prepare, and practice – it’s the smart thing to do to set ourselves up for success in any situation. Dedicating time to cross the t’s and dot the i’s always pays off in the end, especially when it comes to making decisions that impact your organization.

Implementing a workforce management solution fits best in the plan it category. System, integration, and user acceptance testing are crucial steps to ensure your solution operates smoothly right from the start.

The Kronos Testing Plan White Paper, Don’t Wing It; Test Plan it!, details best practices for minimizing risk and supporting a successful system rollout. Here’s a sneak peek of the five tips outlined in this resource for implementing an effective testing plan for your workforce management solution:

  1. Define the best testing approach based on your solution, depth of configuration, and available resources
  2. Identify who will do the testing, when, and where
  3. Determine how you will track issues through to resolution
  4. Identify the data needed to run your test cases and the optimal order of activities
  5. Document your testing plan, review it with your project team, and make adjustments as needed over time

A good testing strategy is not about passing an easy test. It’s about uncovering the imperfections and addressing them before they become issues. If you’d like some guidance in setting up a plan, Solution Quality Assurance consultants can help prepare for new product implementations as well as upgrades to existing solutions.

So, think twice before you wing it! Nine times out of ten there’s a smarter way to proceed.

Don't Wing It; Test Plan It!

Published: Thursday, April 20, 2017