“The things that make me different are the things that make me.” – A. A. Milne

Yes, this is a quote from a favorite childhood character, but it’s a wise statement even outside the Hundred Acre Wood. For instance, the things that are unique about an organization are the things that set it apart and position it as a desirable brand for customers as well as for employees. So simple, but yet, so true.

So what is an organization’s best differentiator? Is it salary? Benefits? The look and feel of the office? I’m sure they all play a role, but I’d have to agree with Gregg Gordon, vice president of the data science practice group at Kronos, that what truly differentiates a great organization from the pack is its workforce.

Different strokes for different folks

In his new book Your Last Differentiator: Human Capital, Gregg discusses the value that comes with fully utilizing the talent of your workforce and stresses that building employee engagement and increasing fiscal performance are not necessarily conflicting efforts. You can improve employee engagement while also improving your bottom line.

Gregg also states that employees are the reason customers love some brands so much more than others. Have you ever been to a WaWa? I haven’t, but a friend of mine from Pennsylvania raves about how it’s “the best” pit stop you’ll ever make on the road. From what I’ve heard, WaWa certainly has a compelling brand, one that clearly demonstrates the connection between employee engagement and the customer experience. Gregg writes in a recent blog post that one couple chose the WaWa where they first met as customers for their wedding venue – talk about building a brand driving customer loyalty!

To learn more about how you can enhance employee experience while achieving positive business and service outcomes, check out Your Last Differentiator: Human Capital!

Published: Tuesday, June 20, 2017