Data-Driven Decisions - Made Possible by a New Integration ApproachData is a big deal, and there's no doubt that it's a great tool. It helps businesses track and measure performance; it helps customers make decisions; it enhances user experience. The list goes on.

But data is actually a big problem, according to Kronos director of global integration and API consulting Matthew Brown in a recent HRTech Outlook article. Valuable data, he says, is often "trapped in silos, spread across disparate solutions that are unable or unwilling to play nice with the other disparate solutions" that a company or organization relies on.

Yes, Matthew points out that it's possible to force the data to play nice. In fact, this approach has been working for years. But the result is usually a cumbersome integration that's not necessarily a valuable long-term solution. It takes time to gather relevant data from bulky application integrations, analyze it, and share it. In the end, the data is often outdated, leading business leaders to make rear-view decisions ...never an ideal spot to be in.


But there's a new integration approach, and it's helping organizations move away from troublesome rear-view decision making to real-time decision APIs! Open APIs make data an even bigger deal and an even greater tool because they can help organizations to:

  • build powerful connections between solutions that share data
  • shorten the length of application deployment
  • accelerate time-to-value
  • maximize technology investments

Think about how beneficial it is to have a simple solution for integrating your workforce management solution with your other enterprise applications? It creates a more seamless experience for all. Every organization should consider an integration roadmap when evaluating a current or selecting a new technology solution to set themselves up for success; it's the smart thing to do.


Read more from the expert himself on what healthcare, manufacturing, public sector, and retail organizations should be thinking about in the HRTech Outlook article online or in a copy of the print version available for download on

Published: Tuesday, October 2, 2018