When customers implement Kronos workforce management solutions, do the final outcomes achieved match the goals identified at the start? Or, does the implementation process reveal challenging or even surprising facts about the organization? A recent survey from Gatepoint Research offers insight into the answers to these questions.

One hundred decision-making executives participated in Gatepoint’s survey. The research revealed that many customers experience organizational changes after going live on their Kronos solution.

It goes without saying that solving one issue often opens the door to another. Respondents also reported that they have difficulty tracking and assessing goals once their solution is live, and more than half recognize that employees are neither leveraging all the features available to them nor using the system as intended.

When asked what it would take to optimize their Kronos workforce management solution, three opportunities came to the surface:

  • identify and embrace best practices
  • align internally on corporate goals
  • develop a training strategy

Check out the survey infographic for more details.

Customer insight into challenges

I think we can all agree that recognizing areas of opportunity and taking the necessary actions to make the most of them are sometimes easier said than done. But that’s why there are strategic coaches in Kronos Advisory Services – experts who know the game, provide feedback on performance, and help you make the right plays to get winning results. Whether it’s addressing concerns related to productivity, compliance, or high costs, they’re available to help you tackle your most pressing business challenges through short- and long-term engagements.

Kronos TimeWellSpent

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Published: Tuesday, May 8, 2018