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COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions: Workforce Central Edition We want to thank those who have shared questions in the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Discussion Group in Kronos Community. To help keep you up to speed on the latest tips and conversations, we’ve captured some of the recently asked Workforce Central®-related questions from the group and posted them here. Take a look at these seven commonly asked questions.



Seven FAQs for Workforce Central

Q: Is it possible to create a direct deposit file for a straight 40 hours to use for emergency direct deposit?
A: Yes. However, to create a direct deposit file, you will need the employee’s bank information. The best way to accomplish this is to generate a payroll, paying everyone a flat 40 hours. It is not recommended that you try to pay someone without using this process.

Q: How can I configure mobile punch for employees, and are there any resources available to guide me? 
A: For an employee to punch from a mobile device, the following Function Access Control Point must be set to “Allowed” and must be included in the employee’s Function Access Profile: 

Workforce Employee> Timestamp for Employees> Allow Punch from Mobile Application 

You can find this by logging in to Kronos Community and referencing page 48 of the Mobile Implementation Guide.

Q: Is it possible to send out messages via our Workforce Central solution to various groups within an organization?
A: Yes! The Alerts and Notifications feature should solve this. Please refer to the user guides below for your specific version. 

Q: Is there a script to write that would give all employees access to the timestamp feature?
A: Yes! Simply use the API to update the time entry method for everyone at once. You must also assign the right Function Access Profile if you want the ability to do transfers with the timestamp. 

Q: What’s the best way to clean clocks? 
A: You do not want to use alcohol-based cleaning products or solvents such as benzene or acetone to clean your time clocks or biometric scanners. Those chemicals may cause damage and potentially render the time clock and scanner unusable. Keeping hand disinfectant near the clocks is highly recommended, and the use of a stylus can reduce the amount of clock touching. 

You can also refer to this knowledge base article for further direction. 

Q: How do we deal with work-from-home (WFH) employees? Is there a process we can use to determine which employees are working from home and which are still in the office?
A: Organizations have been tackling this in different ways. The best option really depends on your organization’s requirements. A few possibilities are listed below.

Work-From-Home Employees Still Need To Punch 

  • Have employees timestamp from the browser and do a transfer to either a Labor Level, Job, or Work Rule (with a pay code distribution that gives them a COVID-19-specific pay code automatically for all hours worked). You can then build a hyperfind to report on the specific Labor Level Entry, Location/Job Code, or Pay Code resulting from the transfer.
  • Have employees timestamp from the mobile/tablet app and do a transfer as above.
  • Have supervisors do a transfer or add a comment to each employee’s timecard when the employee is WFH.

Work-From-Home Employees Do Not Need To Punch 

  • Move WFH employees to a pay-from-schedule pay rule and have a COVID-19 pay code in the pay code distribution.
  • Have employees put in a time-off request using a dedicated COVID-19 pay code or WFH pay code. This option also lets you configure a default comment for tracking purposes for global time-off requests and can be set up to automatically be approved so it doesn’t add an extra burden for your supervisors.
  • Move WFH employees to a dedicated COVID-19 schedule group with an assigned schedule pattern that could add a tracking pay code each day for your WFH reporting.

Q: Is there an easy way to switch InTouch clocks from biometrics to magnetic strip ID badges? 
A: There is more to this than just turning off biometrics. 

  1. Your magnetic strip ID badges would have to work with your InTouch, meaning the badge number would have to be readable by the clocks. 
  2. Assuming your badges are readable by the clocks, you will have to update all your employees’ badge numbers to reflect their “Badge” number — this can be done in Workforce Integration Manager. 

There are a lot of nuances here, so before going down this road we would highly suggest opening a Kronos Global Support case. To assist you in temporarily disabling your biometrics, take a peek at this knowledge base article.


Kronos Community Is Key

While the information shared here might seem like a lot, we hope you find comfort in knowing that there is a plethora of resources available to help support you and your organization. And it’s all available in Kronos Community. Check out the blog COVID-19: Finding Information and Resources in Kronos Community to learn more about the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Kronos Community Discussion Group and the COVID-19 Resource Center

Published: Monday, April 6, 2020