Life as I knew it changed on February 27th, 2017. I passed a dairy product food challenge, meaning my allergist gave the okay to try all the desserts and appetizers I’ve heard everyone raving about for years!

The test went exactly as I’d hoped, but what made the experience so special was Kim, my nurse. I was pretty scared – my EpiPen has been a vital accessory for the past 24 years – but Kim promised she could stay with me in case anything went wrong during the three hours it would take me to consume one muffin. This was a huge relief.

Complete Coverage, Happy Patients

Something that’s really hit home for me from this food challenge is that proper coverage equals happy patients. It’s so important for hospitals to keep an eye on patient needs and staff workload to provide individuals with the appropriate level of care. I can assure you my experience would have been very different if Kim was not able to stay by my side – regardless of if I reacted or not.

In retrospect, it’s interesting to consider the root cause of why this colossal life event turned out so perfect for me. I realize now that my food challenge experience was the result of a great approach to staffing and managing workload. And what’s more is that Kronos strategic advisors can help other healthcare organizations successfully provide their patients with attentive care: Workforce Workload Manager for Healthcare Utilization Review.

Trust me, we all hope for a nurse like Kim.


Published: Tuesday, June 6, 2017