Employees in manufacturing jobs are the least engaged when compared to other industriesaccording to Gallup research referenced in an Industry Week article authored by Kylene Zenk, Director of the Manufacturing Practice Group at Kronos.

Change the future of work in manufacturing

In an age of digital transformation and innovation, technology is rapidly changing how manufacturers produce goods and service customers. Faced with a widening skills gap, manufacturers must rethink how they enable and empower their workforce. They must focus on their most important resource–happy, motivated employees who are engaged in their work. In fact, research has shown that organizations with an engaged workforce are 22 percent more productive than organizations without. Still, manufacturers have struggled with increasing employee engagement. But why?

We know that disruptive innovations such as artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, machine learning, mobile, and other Industry 4.0 or smart manufacturing technologies are significantly enhancing the manufacturing production process in plants worldwide; but their contributions to reimagining the manufacturing employee experience have only just begun. The ultimate value and change will happen when your workforce is part of your digital transformation strategies.

New, next-generation workforce management solutions are built with AI, automation, embedded analytics, mobile and more at their core. Here’s how this is helping manufacturers and, in turn, creating a more engaging experience for the manufacturing workforce:

  • Managers can now work smarter: Managers are empowered with machine learning and embedded analytics. They can deliver relevant, proactive insights with the help of real-time key performance indicators to monitor employee performance and make smart, in-the-moment decisions for better business outcomes.
  • Employees can work their way: Easy-to-use mobile tools enhance the experience for employees and managers. Device agnostic designs allow employees to easily adjust and modify schedules that align to business needs while giving more control over their work /life balance.

Taking advantage of next-generation solutions helps manufacturers stay ahead and develop employees who are motivated to work toward achieving company goals. And with the growing skills gap in the industry, keeping your top talent actively engaged is more important than ever. Viewing the employee experience as an operational imperative can help set your company apart from others, creating a place that not only draws in new talent but also retains it.

Published: Tuesday, March 13, 2018