Discovering true potential often requires going beyond. Sure, you’re likely doing just fine, but you also might not realize what you’re capable of until you dig deeper. Solid life message, right? It happens to be fitting advice for working with technology too.

For example, learning how to use the VLOOKUP function in Excel was truly a life-changing moment. I’ll spare you the long, gory details and say this instead; what I was doing worked for me but delving into discussions about Excel functionality with someone who knew it inside and out helped me learn how to use the program more efficiently.

Now, here’s a real Kronos example.

Jill Wiese from trusted cowboy boots and western wear outfitter Cavender’s shares how the retailer partnered with Kronos Advisory Services to evaluate their Workforce Central system setup through an Executive Operational Assessment. The goal was to focus on scheduling at first, but the engagement uncovered other areas for effective improvement. Through deep-dive discussions and onsite store visits, Kronos strategic advisors worked with Cavender’s to develop a strategy that helped them achieve their desired outcomes.

Listen to the Cavender’s story:

"Kronos has always been a great partner for Cavender's and working with this team has made that family bigger."
Published: Tuesday, March 27, 2018